Credit System

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Credit System

Post by Ezrial on Fri May 08, 2015 11:10 pm

This system is to encourage players to donate to keep the server online.

How it works:
After launch players will have the ability to purchase credits from the Adventures Online website, after purchase those credits will be given in game by an admin up to 24 hours after purchase.

Credit Prices:
$5 - 600 Credits
$10 - 1270 Credits
$20 - 2600 Credits
$35 - 4650 Credits
$50 - 6800 Credits
$100 - 14000 Credits

Credits can then be used in game to purchase the following:

Bronze Membership - 520 Credits
Silver Membership - 790 Credits
Gold Membership - 1350 Credits

Power Charm Token (used to craft special hats, rings, bracers, helmets) - 520 Credits
Power Armor Token (used to craft special armor) - 790 Credits
Power Weapon Token (used to craft special weapons) - 790 Credits

Donation Tickets (used in the member lounge only) - 10 tickets for 790 Credits

Once you have obtained your credits, you will be able to trade them in with an NPC in game. Admins do not have to be online for you to trade your credits in.


Posting on the forums can help you earn credits, for every reply or topic you create you will earn Forum Credits. These can be traded with Ezrial for in game credits:

General Discussion - Reply: +1 - Topic: +3
Guides and Articles - Reply: +1 - Topic: +5
Suggestions & Ideas - Reply: +1 - Topic: +4
Bug Reporting - Reply: +1 - Topic: +4

10 Forums Credits = 100 AO Credits


Bug Testing Tickets Price

1 Ticket = 1270 Credits ($10)

After launch the Bug Reward tickets will not be lore so you may trade them with other players as a currency.


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