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AO Credits

Post by Ezrial on Sun May 10, 2015 9:09 pm

Okay so, I am in the process of making the AO Credit shop. If you have any additional ideas or thoughts please let me know by replying to this post.

EO+ Quests are not able to promote a players membership so the shop will sell a member emblem (Bronze, silver or gold) which you can then give to an admin for membership.
(The reason you wont just trade credits is because 1 credit prices will confuse admins and we aren't that smart. And 2 because credits are lore where as membership emblems will not be so you can trade them to other players as a currency)

Rare items: These items are like costumes, no stats just novelty

High power item crafts: So basically you can craft member strength items without being a member.

Custom Items: Items that look like one thing but have the stats of another. To get these items both the look of the item and the stats of the item, items must be traded in.
So for example: you trade a devil slasher and a dagger for a dagger that looks like a devil slasher, which has a custom name of you're choice.

Quest Keys: Keys which unlock areas containing high reward quests other players cannot access.

Costume & novelty items: Items without stats that are rare and show that you are loaded.

Races: Up until now you were able to use the /race command. After launch all people will be set to race 0 or "white". In the newbland people can change their class to "tan, yellow or green" but only those why purchase a special race will be able to access "panda, skeleton and new vampire"

House tokens: like membership, only the owner "Ezrial" can give house maps to players. To make it easy for me players can purchase a house token and exchange it for their very own house map.

If I have missed anything or you have thoughts or questions about the things i listed please reply to this topic.


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