Bup Reporting Rules

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Bup Reporting Rules

Post by Ezrial on Sun May 10, 2015 8:52 pm

To be accurate about the details of the bug please follow this template:

Bug type: (map, npc, item, command, quest)

ID: (Map ID, npc name, item namd, command name, quest name)
use #loc for map ID

Location: (Map ID, x and y location)

What is wrong with it: (A small description)

Reported by: Your in game name (just incase your forum name is different)
Report Ticket System:

Map Bug Reports Earns: 1 map error ticket
Map Bugs consist of warps, tile glitches, players stuck, players in black or anything in the map.

Other Bug Reports Earns: 1 Bug Report Token
Other bugs are npc bugs, quest bugs, drop bugs, shop bugs or general system bugs.

Spelling errors are no bugs but if you could please report them it would help


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