Server Update 09-06-15

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Server Update 09-06-15

Post by Ezrial on Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:46 am

The Adventures Online project is expanding into something more than a server.

What does this mean?

This unfortunately means the days of Adventures Online server are over. Hosting the server has become to costly as revenue from player donations and ads were not adding up to the required amount.

What does this mean for players?

Adventures Online project is not dead however the server will no longer be hosted.

What do you mean the project is not dead?

The Adventures Online Project is expanding into another area of eoserv which does not require a server to be online.

What is this new project?

All of Adventures Onlines files (Maps, quests, eosource files and client edits) are being converted to suit Endless Onlines GFX and PUB files and then are being released to the public in an archive website. This project is being relabelled to Archive Online.

Other features of the website will include:

•Addon maps which Adventures Online did not have
•Addon Quests which Adventures Online did not have
•Tutorial wiki's gathered from all corners of the eoserv and eosource forums
•Client version edits for server owners to easily release client updates.
•Quest writing requests for custom server quests

Why are you not releasing the Adventures Online server files as is?

Many of the gfx used in Adventures Online were donations from a collection of people or other servers. Therefore since the PUB files, Maps and quest use these gfx (which do not belong to adventures online) I am not able to re distribute them.


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