Creating New Accounts with v4

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Creating New Accounts with v4

Post by aelaias on Tue May 19, 2015 12:37 pm

Hi all i know some people might not be able to make new accounts with the release of Adventures Online v4.

This is due to AO v4 having EO add-ons as part of the new client.

What we need to do is to disable EOFastAccounts add-on.

Step one

Locate you're Adventures Online Client Folder This is located where ever you extracted the .rar/.zip file when you downloaded the new client. (most people will extract this folder to their desktop)

Step Two

Next we need to go into Folder Options this is located on you're top tool bar under Tools.
Next we need to click over too the tab View

In view under the section Advanced Settings you want to find Hidden files and Folders and select Show hidden Files, Folders and Drivers

Then press the button at the bottom of the window Apply then hit OK,

Step Three

Now that we have made the hidden files visible we need to locate and enter the Folder called Addons.

Inside this folder there will be a file called  EOFastAccounts.eaf

Next we need too Right hand click the File EOFastAccounts.eaf and select Rename 

Now we want to add an .disabled to the end of this file.

After this has been renamed it should look like this

Final Step

Now open Adventurers Online.exe  and  you can now make a new account

Enjoy  Very Happy

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