glitches or faults or things

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glitches or faults or things

Post by fletch on Sat May 16, 2015 9:40 pm

these are what i assume to be wrong if they arnt wrong or have already been reported please say

lvl 50 ores dont drop when you hit lvl 50 mining

pet commands dont work

half the pets dont pick up items

bridge map (warp from old dude at newb) doesnt have textures ontop of the waterfall

/warp biters map is called skill master pla (rethink of it and its just on the same map as all the ice shops so its probly on purpose but its amusing)

/warp pk then pressing the down arrow and through that way with the spikes takes you to the event map but your about 7 blocks out of it in the darkness

/warp pk map isnt pk

/warp pk has a single aincient wraith spawn there

when exiting the pk arena bit you warp outside the bottom corner of the fishing map

/warp gator in the /warps doesnt work.  /warp gators does though but its written gator on the warps list

/warp optica you can walk in the river off the brige if you go down from where you warp in

when you talk to ao credit trader it gives you a quest that doesnt leave your log

erza helped me test on the ones that need multiple people
will add more as i find em


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