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Server Updates

Post by Ezrial on Sat May 16, 2015 3:02 pm

[*] Fixed
[+] Added
[-] Removed
[@] To Do

[+] Drew as Admin (Mod)
[+] Kayluh as Admin (mod)
[+] Added Member Class

[*]Fixed /warp mtrain warps
[*]Fixed Dragon Warrior shop - its now outside dragon cave
[*]Fixed Copper Drops - by up to 50% less
[*]Reward tickets give less AO Credits
[*]Fixed gfx bugs in client for V4

[-] Removed Snake Quest due to errors (will be fixed soon)

To Do List
[@] Mob Event - drops AO credits
[@] More diverse Player quests
[@] Bronze, Silver and Gold member classes
[@] Fix Spelling Errors
[@] Member Pets
[@] Add Reborn training zones
[@] Fix hair dye glitch
[@] Member House Purchases
[@] More member only quests
[@] Member Quests
[@] Fix Snake Quest


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